Thursday, October 25, 2012

Reality TV Show Rewarding $10 Million Prize For "Irrefutable" Proof of Bigfoot




 Extreme Expeditions Radio Interview Tonight At 7:30 - 9pm Eastern




 This is what the human race could look like in 3012




 Exclusive Preview of Images From Extreme Expeditions Bigfoot Cam




 Question to Moneymaker: Is There a Bigfoot In This Photo?




 The Placebo Effect May Be Genetic Gizmodo

A while ago, reports popped up across the internets about the science behind placebos. Folks claimed these findings herald a new era of pharmacology, where the body could be fooled into healing itself. In the wake of a modest study of 104 subjects, Jamie Condliffe notes the results suggest only some people may be physically inclined towards the placebo effect. Down in Jason Offutt's neck of the woods, he invites you 'round the campfire to tell The Legend Of Workman Chapel. Legends of axemen and women in white aside, several investigations have returned some fascinating evidence of supernatural activity. Last, but far from least, is Guy Edwards sharing the announcement from the NY Dept Of Environmental Conservation: Do Not Harm Bigfoot. While the Empire State doesn't acknowledge the existence of bigfoot in New York, if it was found it'd be considered a protected species. Read on for the official word!
The unemployment rate went down early in October, no thanks to one "Tyler Reeves". Last month we crowed about his Craigslist job posting, and turns out it was too good to be true. Bigfoot Evidence has the tawdry details. Later in September, we tweeted about an archaeological find. No surprises here, Meteorite Nazi Buddha Exposed As Likely Fake. The uncertainty about its age is disappointing, per Nina Weber. Nazi involvement remains speculative, but it is composed of meteoric iron. A more recent item has us smirking: "Here’s Looking Back At You." Giant Eyeball Identified, says Henry Paterson. Here's a hint: the eye's too small to be from an architeuthis.

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