Wednesday, October 03, 2012

These Special Binoculars Will Cost You $5400




 Awesome Bigfoot Images From Strange World Fan Page




 Listen: Sasquatch Live Radio Talks About FB/FB "Camper" Video And M.K. Davis Videos [Uncensored]




 Joe Black Still Raving About Blurity, The Magical Software That Makes Everything Look More Like a Bigfoot




 Yeti Expedition to Cover New Ground North of Kemerovo




 Rocky Mountain Rampage Bigfoot Miniature




 Jane Goodall 'Fascinated' By Bigfoot Huffington Post

Jane Goodall is surprisingly open with her opinion on Bigfoot these days, whereas in the past she remained on the proverbial fence. Now she says she's "fascinated" with the idea of Bigfoot but wonders why there isn't more concrete evidence. That's what we all wonder, Dr. Goodall. However, Loren Coleman takes a slightly different view on the interview and wondersWas Jane Goodall Bushwacked About Bigfoot? Meanwhile, we'll let you decide for yourself what to think about this Craigslist ad purporting to give youYour chance to own stake in "Bigfoot discovery". "Turn-key investment" and "Bigfoot" should never coexist in the same paragraph, much less the same idea...

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