Friday, October 05, 2012

Watch: Stag chases man up tree in London park




 Boy Discovers Perfectly Preserved Woolly Mammoth




 Steve Kulls Evaluates The Psychological Profile of a Serial Hoaxer: Rick Dyer




 New Footage: "Bigfoot Sasquatch Sighting near Ashigan Lake" Needs A Good Debunking




 Sharon Lee Hung Up On Rick Dyer During Radio Show, Then Took A Long Shower Afterwards




 It's Not Possible To Ignore A Headline Like This: "Women report seeing 15-foot-tall creature with long dark hair"




 "Camper" Video Now FB/FB's #2 Video Of All Time, Next To Patterson-Gimlin




 Photos of Nunavik Sasquatch Tracks Cryptomundo

Cryptomundo has obtained photos of the footprints left by the Nunavik Sasquatch (or possible "True Giant," as Loren Coleman refers to it). The prints are 40 cm long and show only four toes, which is definitely unusual for a Sasquatch. There's also quite a bit more information on the sighting and the witnesses who came forward with their incredible story. Meanwhile, Bigfoot Evidence tells us that Once You See It... ('It" being a hairless bear) you'll never go back to believing that the infamous 2007 trail cam picture of Bigfoot is actually a bear. Glasgow Boy steps away from Loch Ness for a moment and gives us a blast from the past as he relays the story of Erik Kristopher Myers, a man who is on a A personal "hunt" for Mokele-mbembe, Nessie's cousin deep in the Congo. He says his curiosity was sparked by the 80s series, That's Incredible, which showed footage of Mokele-mbembe (that later turned out to be faked). He is determined to discover the truth behind the sightings. On a side note, we are positive that That's Incredible helped to launch that same Fortean curiosity in a lot of paranormal investigators and cryptozoologists today.

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