Saturday, May 12, 2012

Are tracking dogs the key to locating a Sasquatch?





FB/FB breaks down Srasburg Virginia Bigfoot sighting





Another Special Effects Expert's Opinion On The Hovey Photo: "Although I believe in Bigfoot, this is an obvious hoax"





Through The Hunter's Scope





When it comes to seminal media related to all things bigfoot, one envisions the notorious footage of a female sasquatch striding along the Klamath River. One of the better kept secrets in crypto-circles is the White film. Jonathan Poulsen caught wind of this rarity, shown only once, and pieces together details of this film which may be of better quality than the P-G film. Up in the Great White North, Maskull Lasserre has a sense of humor that works against our fortean field. He's gone ahead and made Animal Footprint Shoes, Including Bigfoot, Leave 'Mystery' Tracks In Snow. For now, these shoes are only on display according to Mark Molloy. Sometime in the near future, Maskull plans on selling them to the public. As always, Loren Coleman is hot on the trail for the latest stories in zoology with the newest members of our anomalous menagerie. Popping up in his feed is a scoop on a New Lizard Species Discovered In A Congolese Minefield. Turns out these lizards are more than lucky, sporting thick scales certain to thwart the unwanted attention of predators.

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