Thursday, May 10, 2012

Christopher Noel's KickStarter Pitch To Fund Thermal Research, To Help Habituators Bring You The Money Shot





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Bigfoot and the UFO Connection





Swamp Squatchers Continues! See What Happens In Episode 2! [Free Episode]





Loren Coleman jars our collective memory as he revisits the "Momo" cases in Michigan in the 1960s. One case involved Christine Van Acker who received a black eye when a Sasquatch supposedly reached in through her car window. Texas Parks and Wildlife Department labels Bigfoot as an "exotic animal" IF he exists and basically states that Killing Bigfoot OK in Texas – if he's Texan. However, their spokesperson also says that they do not want to be "drawn into a debate about it". The whole response seems to have been blown out of proportion because the fact is that Bigfoot is missing from the lists of protected animals because of lack of evidence to prove its existence. Ironically, the most likely piece of accepted evidence would be a Bigfoot corpse. Another elusive beast is Nessie, of course and Loch Ness Mystery is pondering the idea of baby Nessies with a look at an interview with Frank Searle: Frank Searle and Baby Nessies  

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