Thursday, March 01, 2012

Review: Giants, Cannibals, & Monsters. Bigfoot In Native Culture.

Half Human: Loren Coleman's Inspiration To Wonder

Murphy's Law Prevented Man's Trail Cam From Taking Photo Of Bigfoot, But Was Able To Capture Footstep Audio

Finding Bigfoot Town Hall Meeting: Quotes From Witnesses At Shaver Lake's Community Hall In The Sierra

Scientific Name For Sasquatch: Homo sapiens hirsutii?

The Moss Man Cometh! Mysterious Universe
We begin with an exhaustive write-up of the Moss Man, what some believe to be a real-life Swamp Thing. Although we may associate the Boca Raton area of Florida with luxury condos and retirees, something far stranger may stalk the beaches. Since 1978, a number of witnesses have recounted seeing a shambling creature apparently made of vegetable matter. Although many of the sightings suggest that moss is indeed Moss Man's primary substance, some witnesses have reported a more simian appearance. Might this and other swamp monsters be Freshwater Monkeys? Dale Drinnon suggests that a species of macaque, adapted to a semi-aquatic lifestyle, might be the source of stories of mischievous creatures living in swamps and streams across the world. We must remember, Rare Animals Are Out There--Sometimes, a story about a variety of anomalous creatures, including out-of-place big cats in the southeastern US. That even in these days of extinction, new creatures are being discovered is evidence that Just Because Nessie Is A Myth Doesn't Mean We Can't Dream. A nature writer reminisces about the inspiring message of Bernard Heuvelmans, the "father of cryptozoology," and wishes a happy birthday to the Zoological Society of London's EDGE Project, which mounts expeditions to learn about creatures "which are at once most at risk of extinction, and at the same time most unusual in the way they look, live and behave." And perhaps some unusual creatures we think extinct haven't actually gone the way of the dodo yet--some believe that NSW 'Thylacine' sightings suggest just that. Might the Tasmanian tiger still stalk New South Wales? Other creatures may be roaming the hinterlands, as posited in some new Short Documentaries on Yeti and Sasquatch from producer Ro Sahebi show. His new documentary series is titled "EXTINCT?" While there is still debate about the Yeti, there is very little about the Canvey Island Monster, a NON-Cryptid. It seems to have been nothing more than a misidentified anglerfish.

Bigfoot Artist Dies Suddenly

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