Tuesday, February 28, 2012

Dead Bunyip Preserved in Outline Frontiers of Zoology
Quite possibly the oldest extant police outline known to mankind has been uncovered by Dale Drinnon. It's significant because instead of hearsay from ersatz Steve Irwinses, there's a baseline from the (ab)original experts on Australia's most elusively pervasive cryptid. Also lurking in the bush are 3 Kinds of Moas that escaped extinction. being clever but not as clever as Heuvelmans, Sanderson, nor their protégé Dale. Even when Drinnion is not knee-deep in musty texts, he's receiving emails from his circle, one of which includes More Kappa News from Tyler Stone, which bears a semblance to an odd primate. Elsewhere, Karl Shuker is declaring, "Welcome to the Journal of Cryptozoology - A New Peer-Reviewed Scientific Journal Devoted to Mystery Animals. It's quite impressive, so check out the details on this new cornerstone publication. We hope they'll give a nod to a question which has been on everyone's lips of late, "What Is Namibia’s White Mystery Beast?" Loren Coleman looks askance at suggestions that this beast is a honey badger or an aardvark. Half a world away in the steamy jungles of Sri Lanka, there's some bad news: Grease Yakas a Big Hoax Conclude Forensic Experts. The story chalks up the reports to mass hysteria. More of a massive phenomenon is Bigfoot, and should you happen to believe someone's hoodwinking you about this homonid This is Another Way You Can Tell if Something is a Real Bigfoot or a Person in a Monkey-Suit by examining the 21 degrees of separation between him and us. Just as we're hitting our stride we hear from Cliff Barackman: "London footprints are the most significant footprint find in the last 40 years" and there's More Photos From London, Oregon Of The "most significant footprint find in the last 40 years" with more sasquatch tracks than you can shake a stick at.

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