Sunday, November 25, 2012

Yesterday Melba Ketchum made an extraordinary announcement. Guy Edwards is level-headed enough to say these conclusions have not been peer-reviewed yet. Instead, he lets his readers give it a read. Let's hope Melba's findings stand up to scrutiny. Included on Guy's article are one or two links skeptical and critical of Melba's methodologies. Cryptozoologists are no stranger to criticism, constructive or otherwise, but screeds are another story. Here's a choice excerpt, courtesy of Guy, where Slate Online Magazine Bashes Bigfoot. On a different note, Dr. Karl Shuker has been enjoying his Sunday comics including The Black Lion Versus Tarzan. These melanistic moggies aren't the first cryptid that tangled with Lord Greystroke. One book that hasn't made its way to Karl's library yet is Nick Redfern's latest Lair Of The Beasts: Monster Diary. This is a transatlantic romp investigating monster sightings and the paranormal aspects surrounding them and the eyewitnesses. Nick examines these examples of the extranormal for the clues behind the collateral weirdness around cryptids.

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