Tuesday, October 23, 2012

Rick Dyer Shows Us How He Hoaxed The World At The Bigfoot Community's Expense In 2008




 FB/FB Releases Video That Explains Why We Are Descendants of The Creature In The Patterson-Gimlin Film



 Where Are The Bigfoot Bones?




 COT: A Conversation with Bart Cutino





 Watch: Incredible Video of a Man's Reunion With a Gorilla




 Todd Hale Does A Good Impersonation of James Bobo Fay




 Craigslist Bigfoot Prankster Interviewed




 ABC Affiliate: Texas Man to Release more Bigfoot Videos




 Lauren Zima Reviews Baby Bigfoot Episode of Finding Bigfoot




 Photographer Snaps Possible Bigfoot Shots KLTV

Yet again the headline is better than the actual story behind it as this anonymous photographer shares his incredibly blurry evidence of a Bigfoot encounter near Dallas, Texas. He claims he can see a pair of eyes glaring back at him but we can't tell much from the shaky out-of-focus footage. As an added bonus, the video looks as though it was shot in 1972 leading us to conclude that either Bigfoot has a curious effect on film or only appears to particularly bad photographers and videographers. Case in point: 'Finding Bigfoot': Did The Team Find Evidence Of Baby Bigfoot? The 'Finding Bigfoot' crew rediscovers the classic 1997 footage of "baby Sasquatch" hurtling from limb to limb in the tops of tall trees and visits the site in upstate New York. The original footage is very blurry but does seem to show a primate-like creature swinging from the trees and Jane Goodall herself eliminated the possibility that it was a chimpanzee which is good enough for us. So, what is it then? No one seems to know and the FB crew came no closer to figuring it out either, but they did discover a new way of annoying Bigfoot (and the rest of us)...whistling. There is some good news on the horizon however, as Gizmodo tells us--Incredible CSI-Like “Enhance!” App Fixes Your Unfocused Photos. The results are truly amazing and we can't wait to see this technology applied to the myriad of blurry Bigfoot photos out there. Then again, it may have its own flaws, like the undesired revealing of things like zippers and sleeves and the edges of masks...


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