Tuesday, October 23, 2012

One Minute to Film - 45 Years to Explain

This is a compilation of the best digitalizations and research since the film was taken October 20th, 1967. The images were so unbelievable that it was greeted with fascination but not accepted because it did not fit with the current versions of mans' development. The advent of the social network, and many fantastic fossil and genetic discoveries since 1967, now show that the images make perfect and complete sense. "Patty" shows us what a Sasquatch looks like. Pendulous breasts, long spine, human-shaped arms, legs, feet and hands, slope to back, heavy brow, sloping forehead, pads on the bottom of the feet and a mid-tarsal hinge that causes a rise and fall to the step. The conclusion is obvious and unmistakable. Sasquatch expand throughout North America, competing as individuals for territory causing extreme intelligence and size. All humans are descended from this strategically smarter and larger human-shaped ape. If you are interested in the complete explanation please read "You are Sasquatch" by Barnes, Anderson and Noel"

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