Wednesday, September 05, 2012

Cliff Barackman Takes Two Chicks From FLIR Systems To Do Woodknocking In Mt. Hood




 M.K. Davis Was Probably Afraid To See What Lived Underneath This Stick Structure At Bluff Creek




 Randy Brisson: Lindsay is a nut, I just talked to Adrian (Erickson) today, He is fine (Update: Lindsay Responds)




 Dark-Haired Sasquatch Spotted At Kickapoo Valley Reserve, Sheriffs On High Alert




 Man Makes His Own Thermal Imaging Device For $150 Bucks




 Sanger Paranormal Society Swabbing Bigfoot DNA From Car Windshield, With Armed Guards Standing By Bigfoot Evidence

The swabs are taken from a windshield which allegedly has the hand and faceprint of Bigfoot. Luckily, Bigfoot had the presence of mind (or was drunk enough maybe) to leave saliva for easier testing. It's not clear what the armed guards are for, other than adding a bit of extra drama to the whole proceedings. This next one will be the oddest Bigfoot encounter you'll...encounter all week-Bigfoot Launches Man into Middle of Tent as the man was sleeping on an air mattress outside the tent. He claims Bigfoot tripped and fell while stealing a pan of biscuit dough, hitting the mattress and causing a trampoline effect. We really have nothing to add to that. Returning to slightly more grounded crytpid news, Binnall of America has posted a nice, lengthy Neil Arnold Interview and covers subjects from Mystery Big Cats in the UK to tulpas, UFOs, and Bigfoot.

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