Tuesday, August 14, 2012

Scientists Can't Agree If Neanderthals And Early Modern Humans Mated, Still Won't Stop FB/FB From Making Stuff Up




 This Incredibly Bad Bigfoot Footage Will Make You Facepalm




 This Is Carl Olinselot Before The Sierra Kills Changed His Life




 Lots Of Walking, Lots of Crunching, And A Bigfoot Nest




 Justin Smeja's Official Polygraph Examination Report




 Colony Of Bigfoots Found? This Is Crazy, But Here's My Number, So Call Me, Maybe




 If You See These Photos On The Internet, It's Probably Fake




 Matt Moneymaker Argues with "Girl" 140 Characters at a Time




 New Human Species Gives Bigfoot More Plausibility




 New Footage: Happy Camp Bigfoot Photo Bigfoot Evidence

It's a scarce week in Bigfoot news as this undated photo shows a rather odd looking "Bigfoot" who is as usual blurry and indistinct and once again rendering his photographer incapable of taking more than one photo of him. It also appears that Bigfoot is fond of Instagram and possibly photoshop, as evidenced by this Alleged Sasquatch Photo of Unknown Originwhich is about as vague as a photograph description can get without talking about stick figures drawn in crayon.

ClayPIX tv presents... Cryptics where are they now: Bigfoot

We try to find out what the infamous apeman known as Bigfoot has been up to since being caught on film in the 60's Enjoy this fifth episode of ...
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