Monday, August 13, 2012

New Footage: Happy Camp Bigfoot Photo




 New Bigfoot Checks Available




 1980 Sighting Suggests New York Baby Bigfoot Probably Real Bigfoot Evidence

An eerily similar report to the recent footage of the NY baby bigfoot swinging around in the treetops has emerged from a witness who claims their family saw the same sort of creature back in 1980 up to the same monkey-like antics as in the video. Over in Indonesia, the five-foot-tallOrang Bati, Indonesia's Bipedal Flying Primate doesn't have to resort to such mundane activities as climbing to get to the treetops when he can simply fly, or so says eyewitnesses. Of course, the orang bati is also rumored to kidnap and eat children so the reports might be exaggerated just a tad. It is very possible that the flying primate is actually a case of mistaken identity with giant fruit bats. Meanwhile, this article presents the case for possible Ceratopsian Dinosaurs in Ancient South America, with mysterious ancient artwork and sculpture depicting large, rhino-like creatures to support the theory.

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