Sunday, August 19, 2012

'Sasquatch Watch' researcher keeps on looking
Billings Gazette
After years of working in the field and investigating reported bigfoot encounters by others, Wilson has been rewarded with seeing a few likely footprints and hearing what he thinks was the howl of a sasquatch. Also, he said, "we've had rocks thrown at ...
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 First Evidence For Photosynthesis In Insects Nature

Most don't give aphids a second thought. Domesticated by ants and pests to humans, these bugs are beneath our notice. Some entomologists have discovered a curious property of this critter running counter to the mainstream. Odder still is aphids have a largesse of of energy stores from their diet, why would they need to photosynthesize? Well you might as well ask why one would test hair to see if it's from a hidden hominid. Georgina Kenyon puts on her lab coat as she examines Yetis In The Lab: The Search for Mythical Beasts. The Oxford-Lausanne Collateral Hominid Project has been requesting samples in hopes of settling the score on their existence once and for all. Despite the nature of the research, investigators still wish to distance themselves from the epithet of 'cryptozoologist'. Bringing up the rear, Glasgow Boy has Various Items Of Nessie News giving a summary of recent developments in lake monster research from anniversaries, hoaxes, and sightings.

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