Wednesday, May 02, 2012

Where's Sasquatch - What's Next





Powerful Video By Todd Standing Explains Why You Need To Think Twice Before Shooting Bigfoot






Oregon BLM Sets Up New Blog To Showcase Pacific Northwest, Not Shy About Bigfoot At All





Vote For Bigfoot Garden Statue For A Chance To Win $100 Gift Certificate





Bigfoot evidence can crop up in the oddest places and this is probably the strangest source we've ever heard of. Find a leech that has chowed down on a Bigfoot recently, and you've got a living DNA depository. As great as that sounds, we wonder how such a leech could be found if Bigfoot itself is so elusive. We'd think that a Bigfoot leech would be even harder to locate than Bigfoot. Perhaps a whole new species of Leech Hunters will be spawned from this idea. Cryptomundo takes a look at reports that Missouri “Gorilla” Killed Livestock, 1947 in Missouri and suspects that this might have been early reports of "Momo". And in Nessie news, UFOs and the paranormal with Malcolm Robinson: The Loch Ness monster - part 1 gives a short overview of Nessie's history and also an interview with Nessie researcher Frank Searle.

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