Wednesday, May 02, 2012

Stan Gordon Interviewed About UFO and Bigfoot Connection





Bigfoot , I'm not sure , But it is a Possibility 



Listen to one of the creepiest "Bigfoot howls" that was mysteriously removed from the BFRO's Facebook page







 Sasquatch and UFOs and the high strange connection 'Interview with Stan Gordon'
Though Stan touches on the UFO Sasquatch connection, he also even more so touches on Sasquatch itself. He is a researcher which I prefer over a hunter any day. I find him to be one of the most genuine people in the field that I have ever met and had ...
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Photos: Bigfoot in Ohio

Columbus Dispatch - 2 days ago

A plaster cast of a purported footprint of the giant, ape-like creature called Sasquatch or Bigfoot was one of the items on sale at this year's Ohio Bigfoot ...












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