Saturday, October 22, 2011

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In the U.S. Geological Survey, there are over 100 tribal words and 2300 locations named, in the United States alone, for a creature that many say was nothing more ...​Track-Bigfoot-Cryptids-Trilogy-Book/dp/​1591133890

Cryptozoology Author, Lecturer, Investigator Dallas Tanner Cryptozoology, Cryptofiction, D.L.Tanner, Dallas Tanner, Shadow of the Thunderbird, Track of the Bigfoot ...

Track of the Bigfoot; Wake of the Lake Monster; The Chupacabra; Music; Research. Cryptozoology. Thunderbirds; Bigfoot; Lake Monsters; Religious Relics. The Shroud of Turin

Tanner, D.L., "Track of the Bigfoot: Book II of the Cryptids Trilogy" 2003 Booklocker Publishers Tanner, Dallas "Track of the Bigfoot (The Cryptids Trilogy) Kindle ...​readingmaterial.htm

Revised "Track of the Bigfoot" with only slight edits - never mess with a 5 Star novel! ... By the way - In spite of 1500+ links to D.L.Tanner, it is my intention to return ...

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