Saturday, October 22, 2011

Dahinden prides himself on the files concerning two rival investigators, Peter Byrne and Grover Krantz. Regarding Krantz's most recent book, Big Foot Prints: A Scientific ...​article-v1n3-sullivan.php

Interview with John Green By Gerry Matthews. On July 23, 2004, contributor Gerry Matthews interviewed author John Green at his home in Harrison Hot Springs, B.C ...​john_​green.html

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... investigated the orginal track finds at Bluff Creek in the 1950's. In the text below he sorts out the confusion about these tracks.

Maybe it’s time for a history lesson before the last available witness, which I seem to be, ...

Canadian journalist / author John Green is undoubtedly the top historian of the bigfoot/sasquatch phenomena. He is also the only surviving person to have ...​jgreen_bluff_creek_​tracks.asp

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