Tuesday, July 26, 2011

Cliff Barackman has the background story for the filming of this episode of the popular Animal Planet television program. With numerous photos, Barackman offers proof of the findings the cast and crew found during the very first filming for the show. Elsewhere, monsters of fable occupy the tales of Scott Corrales in Cryptozoology: Dragons in Spain and a news report from New Zealand in 'Swamp Monster' Threatens Auckland Rail Project. Meanwhile, The Professor, in the spirit of the late Ivan T. Sanderson who maintained multiple files concerning sea serpents, gives the latest videos from the North Pacific a gander in Quick Addendum of the New Film of the Alleged Alaskan Monster, with images. And Loren Coleman has an update on the coming weekend's discussion in Vergennes, VT, celebrating the most famous resident of the area, as noted in Champ Symposium.

Bigfoot Times, July 2011

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