Saturday, July 09, 2011

Both live or lived in the same chain of tropical islands in Indonesia, and stories about them among the local people go back many centuries. But the physical descriptions of the two creatures are altogether different, and behaviorally they differ as well: Homo Floresiensis was a sociable creature, while the Orang-Pendek seems to be predominantly solitary. Conclusion: they are clearly different creatures, according to Adam Davies, the author of Extreme Expeditions. In other cryptozoology news,More WaterMoose And Other Water Monsters wonders if swimming moose could be mistaken for lake monsters, and More Comments on Heuvelmans' Sea-serpents also deals with the issue of possible mistaken observations, but in the salt water realm. And what do you make of this "Nessie" photograph from the Loch Ness surveillance website? A bird perhaps? Click through toKen Gerhard Vs The Loch Ness Monster.

Replicating bigfoot

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