Friday, July 08, 2011

Animal Planet extends hunt for “Bigfoot”

No one has seen anything but something mauled a car in rural Lee County on Monday morning. There are tooth marks right through the fender of the car. Former Lee County Sheriff Liston Truesdale recalls that this is how the 1988 lizard man sightings started. Another creature is the topic ofMothman: An Exposé in which it is told that the late John Keel, author ofThe Mothman Prophecies "went from a plain denial of any Mothman-Silver Bridge connection to one of the most elaborate and bizarre cryptid tales ever told, with himself as a central character." Meanwhile, Loren Coleman wonders whether an 1877 event recounted by Charles Fort is actually anEarly Mothman Account?

What Is A Sheep Squatch? Phantoms & Monsters
Lon Strickler received an unusual email a few days ago about the sighting of a strange creature in Virginia. "It looked like a medium sized bear but the fur was very light in color, almost a yellowish gray. The head was very strange also. There was a snout like that of a bear but the dark round eyes were set lower on the head." Strickler at first thought was a prank, but eventually discovered some local folklore on the beast, which is also known as the "white thing." The white woolly-haired cryptid has been reported throughout the southwestern Virginia. Elsewhere, some Merhorse reconstruction drawings by Tyler Stone in Tyler Tries For Merhorses Next. And some far more ancient cryptid artwork in More Classical-Age Plesiosaurs.

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