Wednesday, October 26, 2011

Please Stand For Sasquatch

Weekly World News (satire)
By Frank Lake TASHTAGOL, Russia – The Wall Street Journal confirmed today that Bigfoot hunters had found the beast in Siberia. The Wall Street Journal reported today that Russian Bigfoot Hunters found evidence of Bigfoot in a cave in Siberia. ...
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Could Bigfoot Be Roaming Rhode Island?
Local paranormal research group thinks they have found sasquatch, and Animal Planet's "Finding Bigfoot" has lent credence to their theories. By Patrick Luce Greg Best, founder of Oracle Paranormal Research Society, films Dina M. Palazini, ...
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Kevin Brooker points to the beginning of a new season of the Animal Planet network's "Finding Bigfoot" that will present a two-hour special to herald the new season Sunday night, calling special attention to analysis of the famed Patterson-Gimlin film the episode will include. And Brooker reveals his recent interview with Todd Standing who will appear on an upcoming episode of the show to tout his claims that a population of Bigfoots lives in a remote Rocky Mountain valley. The recent Russian conference on Bigfoot and similar creatures makes its way into The Wall Street Journal with Alan Cullison's report Bigfoot Hunters Detect Signs of the Hairy Beast in Siberia in which Cullison reveals the search for the forest bipeds has become a business for some people, sparking tours and television shows. The Russian conference was the subject of an address by one of its attendees delivered Sunday during the Pennsylvania Bigfoot Conference, too, and highlighted by Sharon Hill in her report American Bigfoot Scientists and Researchers Felt Hoodwinked by Russian Yeti Event. There's also a bit of courtroom drama being added to the Bigfoot question today, as well, with the report ‘Bigfoot’ Takes Free Speech Fight to N.H. High Court.

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