Tuesday, October 25, 2011

The Chicken Killer Nick's Fortean Pic(s) of the Day
Nick Redfern has often referred to a strange incident he and Jon Downes investigated during a 2004 expedition to Puerto Rico in search of Chupacabras evidence. The incident involved some caged chickens, a late night visit by an unknown killer with the dexterity to unlock the cages, and chicken corpses with two puncture wounds in each feathered neck. What quietly killed these Puerto Rican birds in the middle of the night? While the Puerto Rico mystery is a tale of death, a report from the archives in Australia presents a tale of life, and it would have to ba a life most strange, if not some still unexplained hoax, as seen in the Centre for Fortean Zoology - Australia account of Narrabeen's Mysterious Elephant Man. Elsewhere, there's a programming reminder from Loren Coleman in Mysteries At The Museum: Oct. 25th Reminder and an after-action report in Big Hairy Bigfoot Move Completed. And another case of an out-of-place big cat comes to us from Javier Resines in Spain with the report Has the "Gorliz Panther" Returned?

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