Tuesday, September 27, 2011

Portland's International Cryptozoology Museum to get a bigger home

Two pretty big stories mark today's news from the field of cryptozoology. Starting off, expert analysis from Darren Naish, Michael Woodley and Cameron McCormick, part of the trio's efforts to introduce their scientific "analyses of cryptozoological data into the technical, peer-reviewed literature," has progressed at least as far as the latest issue of Scientific American. And the trio make a considerable splash in the sea of marine mysteries presented by a famous 1968 encounter detailed by Captain William Hagelund that had been pegged by some as a "baby Cadborosaurus." So what does the trio think Hagelund and his crew really spotted in the briny waves? And just as one cryptid is supposedly marked off the list of mystery beasts, along comes anthropologist and cryptozoology researcher Dale Drinnon with a compendium of his own writings, a huge selection of images and the scintillating claim Chupacabras SOLVED! Could Drinnon be right?

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