Wednesday, September 28, 2011

The videographer claims to have filmed this more than 8-minute-long sequence in his garden in England, and what it shows is very odd, indeed. While there may be some wondering whether the footage is computer generated imaging, a very real possibility, watch it to see a strange activity involving a dragonfly, some unidentifiable wispy looking creature, and what may be a parasite sticking its head from between the dragonfly's huge eyes. Meanwhile, Nick Redfern introduces us to tales of winged weirdness in Fantastic Flying Folk! then updates us on a soon to be held event in Pennsylvania that will feature several nationally known speakers, with Saucers & Sasquatch. Elsewhere, Loren Coleman reveals rumors sparked by a supposed glitch in the DNA of that cougar killed in the Nutmeg State not long ago, and wonders what will finally come from the reports of researchers who may be asking Did Connecticut Cougar Not Really Walk from South Dakota?

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