Tuesday, November 18, 2014

Witness Report: 11-17-14

Witness Name: Private

Location: Area 255, Mississippi

Terrain: Swampland and forest

Activity: Witness and his family (including his mother) have had multiple sightings and interactions with several creatures, a father (9 feet tall); a mother (7 1/2 feet tall) and two juveniles (height undetermined) over at least a 3-year period. The mother moved out of the area until the creatures are either run off or trapped. Witness is planning to put up game cameras to try and catch creatures on film; says they come around the house quite often. They use a tunnel underneath the highway to travel from swamp to forest close to witness residence. Family is frightened. Witness has had creatures in his gun sights but could not pull the trigger because creatures look human.

Color of creatures: Male-blackish-red; Female-black; juveniles-blackish-brown.

Creatures suspected of taking 100-pound horse feed bag and dragging it off a porch, and also of dragging a deer up a hill, a large doe. Creature observed standing up on tall porch scratching on a window and looking in 15-foot-tall bathroom window (creature had to stand on porch to look into window). Creature also suspected of breaking a wall on a barn and also on witness's brother's house. Large muddy footprint seen on porch.

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