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BFRO Investigator Records Bigfoot Howls in Michigan


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Ohio Bigfoot Lecture Series 2014



Indisputable Proof of the Rougarou



Little Bigfoot: Pennsylvania’s Albatwitch



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Igor Burtsev on New Russian Yeti Footage



What’s Dr. Meldrum Up To?



Exists Opens on October 24th



SasWhat: Sasquatch Movies!



Analysis of Bigfoot Evidence from Summer 2014



Insane New Footage from Exists Bigfoot Movie



Strange how something that began like a horror story and ended in a tragedy is now the subject of a town festival in Point Pleasant, West Virginia, but then this seems to be a pretty typical human response to tragedy. Yes, this is the annual Mothman shindig and Nick Redfern, who was one of the speakers, tells all of us who could not make it just how lively an event it was. Unfortunately, there were no reports of the ghost of John Keel being seen, and no MIBs either…except for no-other-clothes-but-black Nick himself. Of course you would have come across a few wannabe Mothmen there, just as you can come Face to Face with Bigfoot at the International Cryptozoology Museum!.
Bigfoot Evidence is pretty damned excited and so are we after taking a closer look at this new enhancement from MK Davis. He's isolated a frame in the Patterson-Gimlin film that very clearly shows the bottom of Patty's foot and her very detailed toes. It would have been next to impossible to engineer a costume with such detail back in the 1960s. It seems highly unlikely that a costumer designer would pay such great attention to the bottom of the feet of this costume, since all the attention would be drawn to Patty's upper body and head. The debate over the validity of the Patty footage has raged for years but this new enhancement definitely strikes a huge blow in favor of the "it's real" camp. On a less serious but no less fascinating note, here's a list of North American monsters that need their own horror movies, including the Wendingo, Lizard Man of Scape Ore Swamp, Jersey Devil, and the Pope Lick Monster--all of whom have been woefully neglected in the monster movie genre. (Caution: This site is an addictive rabbit-hole of time suckage so don't blame us if you lose an hour or two here reading "just one more article.") 
Cloaking Bigfoot Bigfoot Evidence
Barb Shupe (Sqauatchin' With Barb & Gabby) and friends have a perplexing encounter with something in a Sasquatch-heavy area of the Cascade Mountains that was captured on video. As is often the case with Sasquatch videos, the results were even more confusing as the footage does not show the same thing they saw live. Barb and her companions saw a small, black "monkey-like" creature climb down out of a nearby tree and dart away. On video there's nothing but a strange shimmery disturbance in the air which reminds us of the movie Predator's invisibility cloaking method. Cloaking isn't the only talent Sasquatch uses in its close encounters with us dangerous humans, however. According to Australian Yowie researcher Tony Duffy, the creatures are sometimes very chatty...or at least in the Gympie area of the Outback, as he claims that "They're out there and I've spoken with them." Duffy not only had a sit-down conversation with one but also met the friendly Yowie's mate and offspring! Tony Duffy is not alone in his experiences-- researcher Jack Lapseririts claims that Sasquatch are advanced humans with UFO connections and are not only friendly and talkative, but are also here to help us. He also says that Sasquatch have two separate groups, the typical creature with hair covered faces and also another type with hairless, very human-like visages that Lapseririts calls the "Ancient Ones". Whether you believe him or not, at least folks like Duffy and Lapseririts are on the right track with urging people to begin conservation efforts to protect the endangered Yowie/Sasquatch, which is a lot more than we can say for these so-called "men" determined to kill Bigfoot in an effort to protect the public from this giant menace...that would never "threaten" humans if said humans didn't wander into their territory deep in the woods in the first place. This is an upcoming show on Destination America that we will share no more information about. Consider this a public warning to avoid it. 
Hairy hominins go by many different names, bigfoot, sasquatch, yeti, yowie, and Elizabeth Armstrong Moore wants to introduce us to Russia's almas. Andrei Stroganov says he has proof, and an admonition that these giants need to be protected from humans, rather than the other way around. Twice as startling is the tale of Sujith Lakmal Jayaratne, a Child Who Curses Like A Bootlegger, his purported past-life incarnation. Datapoints include anachronistic, and salty, language, his phobias, and pretending to be a drunk. Does this mean he was the notorious Sammy Fernando? Tara MacIsaac has the rest of the story so you can judge for yourself. At last, we join Steve Vernon along the windswept, gray shores of Quebec in hopes of spotting The Phantom Ship Of Chaleur Bay. When the weather and light are just right, one can see the ancient, flaming hulk plying the waves along the horizon. Just beware of any misfortune that may befall you upon catching a glimpse.


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