Sunday, September 07, 2014

Final Page of News Items 9-7-14

Bathing Sasquatch Terrifies Kid
Mount St. Helen’s Bigfoot Caught on Video?
SasWhat: Letter from a Skeptic

Cliff Barackman seems impressed with this very brief audio of a possible Sasquatch and we find it intriguing too, but wish we had a little bit more background information from the British Columbia Sasquatch Organization (autoplay of more Sasquatch vocalizations at this link) member who recorded it. Meanwhile, Inlander reporter Deanna Pan talks to 82-year-old Bob Gimlin, half of the Patterson-Gimlin duo that shot the most famous Bigfoot video in the world, and also Mel Skahan, who Gimlin considers to be "the best there is" among researchers hot on Bigfoot's trail. Pan also speaks to several other Bigfoot hunters throughout Washington state, follows along on a overnight hunt, and presents it all in a fair and balanced way with nary a wisecrack to be found, making this darn good writing and one of the best Sasquatch-centric articles we've read in a very long time. FIle this under "Must Read."

Yep, that there is indeed an arm. But of what? It seems too small to be that of a Skunk Ape or Sasquatch, so does it actually belong to a monkey? Or is it from a bear, which is what a lot of people suspect. The gruesome discovery has been sent off for DNA testing. But whatever creature this very small arm came from, it's definitely not from a huge, intimidating creature like the one that made these disturbing human-like sounds in this"Tree Shaker" video.

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