Friday, May 23, 2014

Russian Yeti: The Killer Lives to Debut on Discovery

Meet the New Stars of the Next Bigfoot Comedy

We have to agree with Think Thunker (who did a great breakdown of this video) on this one, it's at the very least promising. His analysis of this Washington state footage shows that this creature is not only huge and bipedal but also resembles the grandmother of all Bigfoot evidence, Patty from the Patterson-Gimlin film. There are also sounds accompanying the footage-a very gorilla-like whooping along with some tree smacking as if in warning. Of course, the video is pretty blurry since the guy filming is running towards the creature, but there are enough clear shots to impress skeptics or just people who are really tired of Blobsquatches. Naturally, we can't advocate running in any direction but away from something like this but we sure are glad this guy has a lot more nerve than we do! (A side-note on the second bit of footage-it's not clear why it's included in the original but we can tell you that it's a porcupine in a tree and this particular video surfaced a few years ago and was quickly debunked.) Meanwhile, over at Loch Ness Mystery, Glasgow Boy has managed to track down a video of what is perhaps the most humorous of all events related to Nessie hunting-the time that the Loch was exorcised. Yep, back in 1976 Ted Holiday had the bright idea to perform an Exorcism of the Loch Ness Monster. Evidently, Nessie was just a misunderstood monster rather than a hellish demon because as far as anyone knows, she's still swimming through the depths of the Loch gleefully unexorcised.

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