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Renewed Method in Bigfoot Research: Ultra Depth Hypnosis

AIBR Calls Out Meldrum

The Fouke Monster Goes Hollywood: The Legend Of Boggy Creek (1972)(Charles B. Pierce)

Bigfoot North Documentary Trailer

Updated Archive: Bigfoot North Radio

Les Stroud's latest project finally premiered last night in the US on the Science Channel and the Discovery channel and by all accounts (including ours), it was a huge success. After having an intense experience involving hearing unidentified growls during filming a segment of his originalSurivorman show, Alaskan Bigfoot Encounter, Stroud became deeply interested in solving the mystery of Bigfoot and this two-part show is the result. Along with Todd Standing, Les Stroud travels to a very remote area of Canada to investigate the site of Standing's many encounters with Bigfoot. Stroud and Standing find a couple of jaw-dropping examples ofTwisted trees (which incredibly, Stroud thinks may actually be a message to hunters who have traplines in the area) and footprints, and then Stroud has his "whoop!" call answered which startles and spooks both men. Each time they find possible evidence of Bigfoot activity, Stroud carefully thinks it over and gives the audience plausible explanations and then explains why those explanations don't apply. In other words, he attributes it to potential Bigfoot activity as he's eliminated other possibilities right off the bat. However, Stroud never comes right out and directly says it's Bigfoot, and in fact, he expresses some doubt and open skeptism to his companion Todd Standing's accounts, but the actual evidence he finds himself seems unmistakable. Les Stroud has established himself as a trustworthy and honest TV personality and survivalist and is well-respected by many and has never given his fans any reason to doubt his crediblity by being caught doing something like sleeping in hotel rooms when not filming (we're looking at you, Bear Grylls). So, when Stroud says he thinks Bigfoot might really exist, the world takes notice. It's his choice of cohost on this tv special that has some fans and skeptics scratching their heads, as Todd Standing does not have the same level of trustworthiness and has plenty of skeptics doubting his experiences and especially his video evidence, some of which critics like Bigfoot hunter Cliff Barackman finds "Muppet-Like".However, Todd Standing has his fair share of supporters too, including the notable Jeff Meldrum who hosted the Bigfoot North podcast with Standing as they interviewed Les Stroud yesterday. In fact, Jeff Meldrum has collaborated with Todd Standing and Sylvanic on an upcoming Bigfoot North documentary that promises to take Bigfoot research to a "level that the world has never seen before!" We haven't seen the documentary yet but we can safely say that Survivorman: Bigfoot is an absolute must-see. And as Les Stroud himself explains to the skeptics who question his decision to work with Todd Standing and the belief in Bigfoot at all, "Naysayers sit on the couch."

Jason Heal and Jason Dunn say they've got infrared film of a Yowie inspecting some apples the hunters left out to lure the creature into camera view. Apparently, apples are the new pancakes in the world of Bigfoot hunting because they certainly caught...something on their cam. Just what it is isn't clear. At all. By that we mean it's even blurrier than the usual Bigfoot footage we see so often. Do Bigfoot have some sort of blurring ability to mask their appearance or does this particular footage appear blurry to mask some obvious dead giveaways that this is anything but a genuine Yowie? In a much more believable encounter with a possible cryptid, Karl Shuker asks, Did I see undiscovered species of giant praying mantis in South Africa? Shuker and his mother spent some time at the Shamwari Game Preserve in 2008 and in a bit of strange coincidence like those described above, a gigantic praying mantis as large as a hand landed on a safari guide's hand next to Shuker. He didn't have time to get a closer look or a photo and is hoping someone out there has more information...Nick Redfern is leaning toward the theory that Nessie and her other lake monster cousins are truly monstrous-in the form of Freakish Giants, most specifically giant eels.

Skeptics like to claim sasquatch sighters are all wet. In this case, sasquatch was all wet. Paddling down a Wisconsin river a father and son saw something big and hairy emerge from the waters. Sadly, David's friends left their video camera at home. If only they were prepared, like boy scouts, and documented the encounter, the internet could apply MIT's New Software That Can Detect Bigfoot Hoax Videos to settle the argument once and for all. Ritoban Mukherjee shows how Eulerian Video Magnification can reveal if a bigfoot is someone in a suit, among other compelling applications outside of cryptozoology. Science can be fun, but everyone's a sucker for a good story. Our favorite wordsmith, Chris Woodyard, shares some Scandinavian monster hunting tales featuringWildmen In Norway And Selkies On Skis. As to what's a tall tale, and the Fort's honest truth, is left to you for contemplation.

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