Sunday, April 06, 2014

MNBRT Radio Tomorrow...

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Join Elusive1 & Henry May as they welcome back to the show David Moomey & returning guest Jim Whitehead . Jim has lived his entire life in the cross timbers of McClain county in an area with a local legend about a monster that roams the creek. He grew up hearing of his families encounters with the creature. He always had a love of science and dad and grandpa taught him about the woods in the old Choctaw ways. He went on to go to college, getting degrees in Biology, and Natural science.. He ran into a bigfoot one day in the bottoms and decided to learn more about the creature, turning his skills as a woodsman/ tracker and as a biologist to researching bigfoot. After independently researching bigfoot for about a year, Jim joined the MABRC and as the membership in the western region of Oklahoma grew, the group decided to promote him as the Western State Director in 2009, And he has held the position ever since. The primary goal of the MABRC Western Oklahoma Team is not necessarily finding proof, but rather studying these creatures and learning about their behaviors and needs. David Grew up in central Okla, He joined the Marines when he completed High School. Moved back after 4 yrs, He didn't know he had these things around him growing up but after he started researching he realized they were there while he was growing up and it all explains why he always was scared when he went into the woods. He take his 2 younger boys out with him a lot of the times to research, they are getting really good. He has with the MABRC for almost 3 yrs now and he does research with Jim when ever he can. It will also be the start of our semi-annual Listener Appreciation Month, as we ask trivia questions and whoever gets them right wins a great prize, but you have to be in the chatroom and listening to participate!!! And as always, we encourage you to please tune in and support great research.

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