Friday, February 28, 2014

News Updates 2-28-14

Songs about Patty!!!!!!

Limited Edition Cryptomundo T-Shirts

Talking Shit With Dr. Todd and Natalia: Why We Do What We Do

Monsters and Mysteries in America: Sykesville Monster, Lechuza, The Rake

Exists World Premiere at SXSW!

Monsters and Mysteries in America: Lake Worth Monster Tonight!

Yowie Sighting Between Yass & Wee Jasper, New South Wales

Photographing Cryptids for National Geographic Magazine

Praise for the Hairy Man

Aspiring Bigfoot Hunter?


Meet Cliff Barackman at HopsSquatch March 16th

A relaxing family vacation on Lake Champlain in 1977 turned out to be something much more significant as it produced the most well-known photograph of "Champ", the resident lake monster that looks a lot like a plesiosar. The actual photograph itself is on display to the public during the annual ChampFest. It's more than a little ridiculous that there isn't at least a closer look at the famous photo accompanying the article, but it's easily found via our internet overlord Google. Last July, Cryptomundo wished Champ a Happy 35th Anniversary on his appearance in the now iconic photo.

We had our doubts about Cryptozoology News: the stories were just too good to be true. And it reminded us of the old Weekly World News. They simply made up sh-t. Everyone’s favorite skeptic, Sharon Hill, certainly couldn’t believe this either, and discovered that it is indeed a fictional site. Never mind that they admit to being “not always 100% factual.” This business is complicated enough as it is, so just plain stay away.

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