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News Updates 1-3-14

Do Sasquatches Wield “Sound Cannons?”

Finding Bigfoot: Rejected Evidence

Bigfoot Wars: Behind the Scenes

Nessie: A 2013 Round-Up

Champ: The Search Lives On

Henry Paterson of Ghost Theory challenges The Vicar's list of reasons why Bigfoot remains undiscovered today. The Vicar's reasons are nothing we haven't heard before but are solid ideas that are remain valid in this ongoing argument between skeptics and believers. Paterson seems to take issue with The Vicar's assertion that Bigfoot may be “more evolved” than we humans, but we think The Vicar is on the right track only perhaps “differently evolved” would be a more accurate description. The Vicar suggests that “We aren't looking hard enough”, which Paterson denies saying there's little earth left that humans haven't explored. True enough, but there are areas of earth that remain virtually untouched by us modern humans, including sections of dense rainforest. It's in the rainforest in Brazil that one of the few remaining Uncontacted Stone Age primitive tribes was discovered only decades ago after existing peacefully undetected on the edge of the modern world for centuries. Likewise, there are new species of animals and insects discovered at a steady rate all over the world, so we truly do not have knowledge of every living being in existence. Using that logic, it's not all that hard to imagine a creature with human or near human intelligence being able to elude detection also, especially if there are noisy humans banging on trees and whooping in the forest searching for them. In addition, Huffington Post informs those of us who don't already know this--2013 has been a big year for Bigfoot, sharing a smattering of photographic evidence from the past 12 months.

The death of Roy Mackal finally gets the attention of the mainstream media in this colorful review of his dazzling life. A hat tip to Loren Coleman for making it all happen with his own obituary of the famous cryptozoologist/biochemist, which ran almost two weeks ago. Mackal described his own encounter with Nessie this way: “…the back of an animal surfaced, rising 8 feet out of the water. The skin was slick and black and very smooth. I saw something like a flipper protruding from the skin. Then, with a huge splash, it was gone.” The quest continues, as Glasgow Boy describes in his Nessie Review of 2013. Sightings of the creatures this year, which was the 80th anniversary of the Loch Ness Monster phenomenon, “were thin on the ground compared to previous years.”

Tales of Multiple Monsters Loch Ness Mystery
Glasgow Boy gives us the rundown on the numerous sightings of not just one but up to four Nessie creatures simultaneously, which adds up to a whole lot more sightings than we'd imagined. Curiously, most of the multiple sightings took place during the 1930s leading to the obvious question, what happened to the rest of them? Are they still out there lurking in the Loch, just being glimpsed individually by some lucky soul from time to time?

Tracking Hairy Man-Beasts – A Skeptics View

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