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News Updates 1-23-14

Horse Sense

USA Today Investigates Colorado Sightings

“What the”: Provo Canyon Thrower Bigfoot

Stacy Brown Thermal Bigfoot Footage a Hoax?

Thoughts on 10 Million Dollar Bigfoot Bounty

Charade of Crap

Three Distinct Steps

Orang Pendek Project: Footprint

Dean Cain Says His Views on Bigfoot Have Changed Since Bigfoot Bounty

Bigfoot Sword of the Earthman Mars One Day Promotion

Nope, it's not a hoax. It's very real and we have nothing to say, mainly because all the best one-liners have already been uttered over the last 24 hours and the rest of them aren't suitable for print here. So, make your own wisecracks! EsoterX is only surprised it took this long (so are we) and muses on the link between Bigfoot erotica, Sex, Violence, and Softcore Sasquatch Snuff Films and the ugly side of plain old human nature.

The meat of Alessandria Masi's interview with Jack Cary is where he explains PIA's move to South Dakota. Supported by a team of volunteers, the PIA caught a pattern for a "Global Coastal Event" motivating the relocation. But what measure is paranoid conspiracy, and how much is knowing the deeper secrets of the twilight language? Sometimes it's best for paranormal investigators to promote themselves without the filter of mainstream media. like Paul Dale Roberts Facing Death At The Skinwalker Ranch. Not all the fun happens 'round the Uintah Basin, after all it's the journey not the destination. Bonus, PDR sets the stage for another piece on investigating OBEs by burying things around Skinwalker Ranch. Long-distance pilgrimages to places of power, catching the zeitgeist with minutae, damned data, coupled with altered states of consciousness from monotonous driving suggest latter-day shamanism. Yet Dr. Beachcombing finds 'shaman' to be a much, misused word. His Medieval Shamanic Account From Iceland takes Ingimundr from Suomi to Iceland in search of a witch's amulet only to find themselves...9 News of Colorado presents a surprisingly well-balanced report on a recent Colorado Bigfoot sighting and there's nary a bad joke in the entire thing.

With Rick Dyer's newest laughable venture into the world of Bigfoot hunting, this question has come up once again and with good reason. Although, Dyer's "Bigfoot body" that he claimed he shot and killed is clearly a hoax, there are other cases like that of Justin Smeja that are in more of a grey area. Since there is a distinct possibility Smeja is telling the truth about the two Bigfoot he shot in California in 2010 (in the ironically named Sierra Kills case), the debate becomes whether or not Bigfoot should be considered human or at the very least a protected species. With increasing numbers of would-be Bigfoot hunters strolling into the forest looking for the big guy, the chances increase that incidents like the Sierra Kills case will likely occur again and we predict that this is going to become a hot-button issue in years to come, not just in the cryptozoology world but in mainstream media...There weren't any Bigfoot hunters with itchy trigger fingers roaming the forests millions of years ago, so what killed off Gigantopithecus? A new theory poses an interesting possibilty: did cavities kill earth's largest ever ape as his primary diet of bamboo was changed drastically as the bamboo died out and he had to turn to sugary fruits? And finally, the Dogman of Kentucky once again raises his furry head, this time in the form of a "better late than never" sketch drawn 9 years after an encounter with the terrifying creature. The witness remembers the sighting clearly and provides a nicely detailed Bullit County beast sketch,illustrating the dogman that allegedly stalked the witness' home and family for months afterward.

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