Saturday, June 15, 2013

Bigfoot Roommate an Original Web Series

June 23rd hopsSquatch Features Dr. Meldrum and Cryptomundo Founder

Hypothesize This! On Hamlet and Bigfooting

North of Hadrian’s Wall, War Rages Among Loch Ness Monster Researchers

Unlike Noah, who left the unicorns and dragons behind, Dr. Karl Shuker is on the track of some odd beasties found in And To Every Beast... and their possible origins. From frogs with horns, leucrocutas, and FAB-ulous rhinos, Karl's got his work cut out for him. Next on our itinerary, Nick Redfern shares the tale of The Monster Of The Old Hall, a confluence of grail legends, hairy hominids, and some unfortunate geese. And if you thought ladybug dudes have it rough, Lee Arnold ponders Why Do Mermen Get The Short End Of The Trident In The Public Eye?. Considering their prevalence in myths and legends, it's time for mermen to have their fifteen minutes of limelight without hoots and catcalls from the peanut gallery.

Cloaked Bigfoot Encounter?

Cloaked Bigfoot Encounter, or infrasound, or just some natural stuff going on in the forests of Connecticut?
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Rick Dyer Gets Vehicle "Wrapped" For Showing Bigfoot Body

Rick lets guy see Hank and in return gets his ride wrapped.
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