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News Headlines 12-7-13

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Praise for the Hairy Man
Forbidden Bigfoot: Reviewed

“Knock, Knock” ~ “Who’s there?” ~ “Money….”

29% of Americans, that's who. PS Magazine tells us what we already know--that after numerous hoaxes and fakery, Bigfoot enthusiasts are cautious and careful when it comes to evidence of the cryptid creature and also that "Finding Bigfoot" isn't a very exciting show unless constant yelling and loud whispers of, "DID YOU SEE THAT?!" really pushes your buttons. Meanwhile, Spike TV has admirably put their money where their mouth is, as the saying goes, because their headline grabbing new show,10 Million Dollar Bigfoot bounty premieres Jan 10th. The show is hosted by Dean Cain (who doesn't seem to age) and is staffed by experts who will test the evidence if it's found. It isn't quite clear how the show will work because the description reads as if it's a cross between The Amazing Race and Survivor with evidence of Bigfoot being the sought-after prize. The show's Bigfoot chasers likely will not approach the subject from the angle that Nick Redfern calls the Forbidden Sasquatch strangeness, a fact that Redfern finds very frustrating. The forbidden strangeness he refers to is the possibility that Bigfoot may have unearthly origins and may be connected to UFO sightings, among other types of high-strangeness.

It's been a very quiet week for Bigfoot and his cryptid relatives but never fear, Blobsquatch is here to save the day straight from Lincolnshire. Blobsquatch aka Britfoot was kind enough to appear on video although he forgot to turn off his blur defensive filter off. Our own Chris Savia points out that this sighting was accompanied by the sound of 'banging rocks' which is an interesting detail present in just a handful of sightings here in the US...The Crypto Crew's Dorraine Fisher wonders what exactly it would take to effectively track and locate Bigfoot on an ongoing basis: Bigfoot Undercover What Will It REALLY Take To Find Them? She and her videographer friend Philip Spencer conclude that the only way is to dedicate months, even years to the project and disappear into the deep forest to 'become part of the landscape', in order to assimilate enough to get near Bigfoot. There are few people out there willing much less able to do this sort of thing, but we'd nominate Wilderness expert Les Stroud for the job.

Everyone and their little brother in the Pacific northwest has seen something associated with Bigfoot. Adding another for the pile growing taller than Mt. Rainier, Dana Matthews has a photo from Jeff Stillman showing an astounding print from last week. Piqued? Check in with Dale Drinnon with the skinny on the Mount Rainier Sasquatch. In other crypto news, Greg Taylor has coverage of Richard Freeman's quest to answer the question "Are There Still Tasmanian Tigers Roaming In The Wild?" His CFZ expedition appears to have a body of evidence, but do they have a body?

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