Friday, December 27, 2013

News Articles 12-27-13

Possible Sasquatch Anomalies

Nessie Vs. Kelpie

Minnesota Iceman Found in a Block of Ice

Behind the Scenes of Finding Bigfoot: “Sketching Sasquatch” with Cliff Barackman

That Ol’ Momo Mojo

Anatomy of a Hoaxer

Bigfoot and Belief Systems

An aerial image from Apple maps shows a strange “something” traveling south down Loch Ness. Is it a boat? A processing defect? Or Nessie? Looking back at some historical accounts, Dr. Beachcombing wonders: Was Nessie a Kelpie? in other words, did the kelpie legend of Ness gave birth to the Nessie legend? Or is there a kelpie legend because there was a cryptid in the lake? From long tails, we go to a Short Post on a Tall Tale, where Michael Swords, otherwise known as “The Professor,” answers a query from a reader who asks if he had any files relating to Ivan Sanderson’s investigation of a giant penguin sighting and its three-toed footprints found on Clearwater beaches in Florida in 1948. Yes, indeed, he’s got Sanderson’s three-ringed binder on the case. It just had to be a hoax, right? RIGHT? Well, yes, it was. So what does this say about cryptozoology?What does it say about Sanderson? The Professor parses the issues with aplomb.

The game is afoot in Spike's latest reality TV show, writes Loren Coleman. If you're inclined towards these shows, at least you know to root for Mike and his team as they pursue sasquatches. If you're not yet acquainted with the North American wood ape, meet up with Paul Darin for The Return Of Bigfoot. From the first modern accounts in 1959, to Patty, and the embarassing Melba Ketchum saga, any newb will be well-served boning up on this enduring enigma. Should you only believe in Bigfoot, Micah Hanks explores the Historical Evidence Versus Popular Opinion, uncovering inconvenient complexities that monkeywrench the belief of Bigfoot as a modern urban legend. Micah invokes John Keel's stance on belief, making an interesting synchromystic twist of a latter day Keel citing his mentor, creating the necessity to contemplate The Weirdness Of The Mothman. Hip deep in legend and lore, Nick Redfern is convalescing with a brace of Andy Colvin books, watching The Mothman Prophecies, and catching creepy coincidences between the two.

Bigfoot responds to a call-and-response knocking session in Medford, Oregon, recently, according to this impressive (but hard to hear) video recording released by The Crypto Crew. Meanwhile, a letter to the editor of a local news site from an eyewitness who says, Panthers exist in Louisiana, despite local authorities vehement denial. This witness says he and his wife encountered what they first thought was a black Labrador...until the "dog" began screaming and climbed a tree.

UPDATE: Dr. Meldrum Will Do an Additional Presentation at the Columbia Gorge Discovery Center Event

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