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How to Hunt Bigfoot in the Wilderness...Without Weapons

Judging from these first-hand accounts told to Finding Bigfoot, it's clear that Fouke, Arkansas, home of the Fouke Monster immortalized in the infamous movie Legend of Boggy Creek has cornered the market on completely terrifying Bigfoot tales. Go on the hunt for Bigfoot yourself from the comfort of your couch with Finding Bigfoot's Bigfoot cam set up in an undisclosed location with reported Bigfoot activity somewhere in the United States.

Back in 1933, the infamous iconic image of Nessie raising her head above the water in the Loch was snapped by a man named Hugh Gray, setting off a massive decades-long hunt for the elusive near-mythical beast. Nessie has managed to stay out of the spotlight in the decades since, making her the most famous cryptid creature just behind everyone's favorite tall, hairy forest dweller-Bigfoot. And speaking of which,Sasquatch's Favorite Foods Revealed By 'Finding Bigfoot' Star Bobo Fay in a bizarre cooking segment that highlights Bigfoot's favorite snack...bacon, of course. It seems we aren't so different after all.

It appears the waters off Borneo have mingled with those of the Devonian period. If it wasn't for the pictures, who would believe this critter exists? Take a gander for yourself, maybe our cryptozoologists can help identify this queer specimen. (Update: We are told that it's an Armored Searobin, family Triglidae.) Here's hoping the retinue of icthyologists seeking more 'armour fish' display the same verve seen in The George Holmes Expeditionsfor Nessie. Glasgow Boy celebrates George's creativity and discoveries, while anticipating what 2014 might bring to that Scottish shoreline. An even greater mystery is outlined by Malcolm Smith with The Great North Queensland Tiger Hunt Of 1923. These dispatches from the bush remain compelling today, serving to embolden explorers seeking the Queensland tiger's smaller, and similarly elusive, cousins. Jumping into EsoterX's wayback machine, he's dead set on schooling everyone on Alexander The Great And The Macedonian Monster Hunting Method. The Big Four religions feared the metaphorical monsters Gog and Magog, Alexander the Great took a pragmatic, and scientific, approach to dispatching these aberrations. Finally join Lon Strickler and Lyle Blackburn With 'Lizard Man: The True Story Of The Bishopville Monster'. Lyle documents his visits to the notorious sites, speaking with witnesses and local authorities for the truth behind Bishopville's cryptid.

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