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Melba Ketchum has now officially named Bigfoot by registering the source of her DNA samples with ZooBank, the official registration of new species organization. This doesn't mean that ZooBank is now supporting Ketchum's findings or even accepting them as real evidence, it only means that now Bigfoot has a new name to add to his lineage-Homo Sapiens Cognatus.Now, if only Mr. Cognatus would report to the nearest DNA lab for further (and better) testing, we'd be much appreciative...Meanwhile, Loren Coleman says what we've all been thinking about the Yeti/Polar Bear DNA-- What's next? Go Find A Living Ancient Polar Bear! In other elusive creature news, New Zealand's Elusive 'panther' may be on the move, being spotted across the country in different locations each time. The panther has been reported often but only photographed a couple of times and in this particular accompanying photo looks to us like a very large house cat prowling around.

All the recent excitement over the polar bear Yeti discovery has prompted an English man to come forward with photographs of what he says is a Yeti footprint he spotted 7 years ago while hiking in the Himalayas. The footprint is remarkably similar to other Yeti footprints found in the 1950s. Meanwhile in California, the guy who says Bigfoot chucks rocks at him and just generally makes for a bad neighbor, now says that this sandy imprint is proof that Sasquatch moved next door. Investigators from Searching for Bigfoot claim they've caught sight of the creature on infrared after luring it closer with peanut butter.

Loren Coleman clears up some of the confusion around the controversial announcement that the Yeti DNA indicates an ancient polar bear. Coleman explains that there are 3 different types of Yeti reported, the largest of which is brown instead of white and has long been thought by researchers to be a species of bear rather than primate. So essentially, the DNA testing has helped to clear the field a bit more to hopefully make the search for the real Yeti a little easier. Now, if only someone could solve that blurriness problem Bigfoot seems to suffer from...Meanwhile, Karl Shuker shares the tale of Two Yeti corpses mummified but missing after being reported by a lama who "personally examined" them in monasteries in Tibet. Soon after this announcement was made public, the Yetis disappeared (and so did one of the monasteries, which burned to the ground).

People continue to latch onto the fallacy that all yetis are polar bears. Brian Sykes, and Loren Coleman, hope to make it clear only a few of the tested samples matched an ancient polar bear. The others? No known matches, just as reported in a New Scientist yeti article from 2001. The internet will know more details on Sunday night, but this will serve to whet our appetites in the meantime.

Recent news from Nepal, and Bryan Sykes, isn't the final word on the celebrated yeti. Discovering a yeti's genetic connection to an ancient polar bear doesn't solve the mystery behind all yeti sightings. Drawing upon his collaborations with Mark A. Hall and our very own Patrick Huyghe, Loren Coleman suggests there are still stranger secrets from the Himalayas waiting to be revealed. They're not alone, as Martin J. Clemens remarks, "So The Yeti Is A Polar Bear? I'm Unconvinced" for entirely different reasons. Martin suggests remaining skeptical of Sykes's findings until they've been published and peer-reviewed, since the media may be making a bigger fuss than necessary on the discovery.

Nope. Don't get too excited. The mystery of these two particular hair samples tested in this case has been solved, not the entire Yeti mystery. And curiously, these results have opened up a deeper mystery that has nothing to do with Yeti. The DNA tested from two hair samples found in the Himalayas actually turned out to be a match for an ancient species of polar bear, leading researchers in a totally different direction trying to puzzle out how this happened. Two cryptid mysteries for the price of one! Ghost Theory has a size comparison of this gigantic bear and the brown bear it seems to be crossed with as we trade one cryptid for another...Meanwhile, a Search for Bigfoot near Red Bluff goes south, and while this California case is utterly devoid of polar bears, it is full of apparently angry Bigfoot who enjoy hurling large rocks at people's heads. Probably a good idea to just give him some beef jerky and stop putting makeup on him while he's asleep...

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