Thursday, September 26, 2013

Valley of the Sasquatch

Finding Bigfoot Returns from Nepal

About That Canadian Sasquatch Encounter Caught on Video…

Finding Bigfoot Coming to Michigan

How to: Find Bigfoot

Canadian Sasquatch Encounter Caught on Video

Woman Reports Bigfoot Sighting in NE Ohio

The Nebraska Bigfoot case is picking up steam as a hair sample from the site has been sent off for analyzing and other local residents are chiming in with their own experiences. So far, there have been reports of loud unidentified screams from wooded areas and other possible footprints. So why all the sudden activity recently? It actually isn't all recent--most of the other reports are from the past, which if taken as truth established a long term record of possible Bigfoot habitation in that section of Nebraska woods. Meanwhile, on the other side of the world, Weird Australia never fails to disappoint in Fortean mysteries and Yowie is at the top of the list with sightings dating back two centuries, including this rather lively report of Stone-throwing Yowie stalks four terrified stockmen back in 1892. Apparently Yowie has a much shorter temper and far less tolerance for pesky human interlopers in their territory.

Bigfoot researcher Cliff Barackman thinks that the recent discovery of orangutan behavior that communicates their future travel plans to fellow group mates may one day help to predict Bigfoot movements in the wild. On a related note, it's long been accepted that some animals, including primates, have very human emotions including awareness of death. Laphams Quarterly shares some absolutely staggering examples of thesemournful creatures, including a group of chimps who appeared to hold a funeral for one of their own.

Joshua Stevens took on an interesting side project in his spare time and we are sure glad he did. Stevens has mapped out the data set of every Bigfoot report listed by BFRO: all 3,313 from 1921 to the present, and wow is it impressive. An absolute must-see! This list of the Top Ten Alleged Bigfoot Shootings from Bigfoot Buzz over the past 125 years in the US is a nice complement to the map, but beware the accompanying photos which are mostly of known hoaxes or are totally unrelated (as a sharp-eyed commenter points out, the first photo is actually a lynx).
A Cleveland, Ohio couple think they may have proof of a particularly large, hairy, and loud neighbor they've been hearing but never seen over the past 5 years--Bigfoot. After years of growling and breaking branches in their backyard, Bigfoot apparently left a footprint in their yard measuring 7.5 inches wide. They aren't the only ones to see or hear Bigfoot in the area--he's been spotted so often he's earned himself the nickname of "Ohio Grassman". Check out the video of this report here: Big Footprint Sets Off Sasquatch Suspicions.

 Long Time Bigfooter, Joyce Kearney, Passes Away

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