Thursday, September 19, 2013

Bigfoot Footprint Found in NE Ohio Backyard

Anthropology Major Reveals Relationship Between Humans and Sasquatch

Sasquatch & Saucers

Ketchum Paper Was Submitted to and Rejected by Nature
Boggy Creek Festival in Fouke, Arkansas – Sept 28, 2013

Feed The Gods Bigfoot Movie

Bigfoot Footprint Found by Iowa Hunter

Houston Chronicle’s SciGuy on Bigfoot
Proof of Giants?
‘The Yeti May Be Real’ Says Sir David Attenborough

Yeti, Set, Go

Sasquatch Ontario Bigfoot Vocalizations

Bigfoot's bLog has released a very detailed and lengthy statement from a "friend" who happens to be a "tenured faculty member in biochemistry at a research university, with a Ph.D. from Harvard" that neatly cuts down Ketchum's assertions. The unnamed Harvard PhD concludes the DNA samples are likely contaminated, to put it simply. While we are impressed by the thoroughness of this report, unfortunately it does not carry much weight when feted by an anonymous source. Why not put a name on it? On a more encouraging note, Loren Coleman reminds us of David Attenborough's changed views on the possibility of Sasquatch: When You Were Young…Old Attenborough Yeti Thoughts Become Renewed. After years of encountering Yeti evidence in his travels, Attenborough now believes that, "it is not impossible that it might exist. If you have walked the Himalayas there are these immense rhododendron forests that go on for hundreds of square miles which could hold the Yeti.”

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