Monday, August 05, 2013

Scientific American's Tetrapod Hosts Speculate on the Yeti

How The Falcon Project Began

Posted by: Craig Woolheater on August 5th, 2013
After many years looking at other researchers from outside the box, I realized they were still doing the same thing as they were years before, and there was something I remembered from being out in the woods so many years — I would hear planes/helicopters/passenger planes come over the woods, and most times (~ 90%) I could see the aircraft when it was close to straight up from me. That’s when I realized with thermal imaging if I could see you, you could see me, or vice versa.
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Clayton Mack Has Second Sasquatch Sighting At Mud Bay BC

Posted by: Craig Woolheater on August 5th, 2013
Clayton Mack is portrayed as spirited, confident, one with the wilderness or as I call it, “he had back-country smarts” and was at home in the elements among nature’s fiercest most unpredictable creatures, the grizzly bear, the black bear and the Boqs — Sasquatches.

Thetis Lake Monster Revisited

If we were baboons in a zoo, we'd occasionally get very tired of being stared at too. Maybe they're staging a protest. Beyond that, bizarre animal behavior has always been a hallmark of a looming natural occurrence like an earthquake, tornado or tsunami: Can Animals Sense Earthquakes? The most startling example of this being the elephants who fled the coast in Sri Lanka and India a few hours to minutes before the huge tsunami struck in December 2004. So what are these baboons trying to tell us? ...Can UFOs also serve as an early warning system too? UFO Iconoclasts shares this intriguing UFO case that suggests there just might be some Benevolent UFO Brothers out there concerned for our safety. This particular case occured on September 1, 1923 during a horrendous earthquake in Yokohama when a huge disc shaped craft hovered over the ruins of the city and humanoids inside waved several people in the direction of safety outside the city. If this tale is true, why haven't UFOs appeared during more natural disasters to help us? We wonder if they still do but now just outsource their warnings to baboons and elephants...

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