Saturday, August 31, 2013

DVD Review: American Sasquatch Hunters: Bigfoot In America

Good but familiar

This documentary, mostly shot at the East Coast Bigfoot Conference in 2011, is produced and directed by Jay Michael (Swamp Apes, Honey Island Swamp Monster,  Bigfoot FAQ) and features some familiar faces from the Bigfoot Community, such as Eric Altman, Steve Kulls, Billy Willard, Dave Dragosin, Stan Gordon, Rick Tullos, Tim Cassidy and Dr. Jeff Meldrum discussing their thoughts and theories on what Sasquatch is. The evidence is discussed (footprints, film, DNA, things of that nature), but also the Kill or No-Kill discussion is brought in, with Tullos being the sole proponent of the Pro-Kill argument. When the P/G Film is discussed, Jay uses a photo of Bob Gimlin I allowed him to use for the documentary. Some parts of this were shot in Mississippi with Jay Michael as the host. All in all, this one is good, but not great, mainly due to the familiarity of the subject to us. I wold have preferred more eyewitness accounts and maybe some recreations. There is an actor in a Sasquatch suit seen throughout the production which somewhat resembles the Andre the Giant Bionic Bigfoot suit which makes for an interesting representation of the look of the Sasquatch as well. I would give this documentary a 7 out of 10. It is enjoyable but familiar to we Sasquatch proponents, but I am sure the general public will enjoy it.

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