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Abominable Science! A Skeptical and Slightly Sympathic Approach to Cryptzoology

Abominable Science! Authors Interviewed

Posted by: Craig Woolheater on August 10th, 2013
Q: How widespread is the belief in cryptids such as Bigfoot or the Yeti?
Daniel Loxton: Much more widespread than the fringe reputation of the topic suggests. For example, when asked “Do you think Bigfoot (also known as Sasquatch) is real?” in a 2012 Angus-Reid poll, 7 percent of American respondents affirmed the belief that Bigfoot “Definitely is real,” and 22% said Bigfoot “Probably is real.” That’s a more-or-less typical response to polls about cryptid beliefs. And that adds up to an awful lot of people.
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Werewolves, chupacabras, and other western weirdies pale in comparison to the horrors hailing from the Land of the Rising Sun. Beckoning you to her menagerie, Christy Gordon wants to show you the original pok√©mon like the ghost whale, spider whores, and the delightful shirime. Just keep in mind as you stare into that abyss, it also stares into you. We wonder what Darren Naish would make of such monsters, but we'll settle for his latest Tale From The Cryptozoologicon: The Yeti. Separating the wheat from the chaff, Darren lays out the evidence and posits the impact should the yeti's existence be proven without a doubt. Fortunately there are noCorythaixoides in the Himalayas to thwart those seeking those abominable snowmen. Bringing us to Karl Shuker, chomping at the bit to introduce everyone to Nature's snitches. Curious beasts need not be fantastic as one will discover regarding Go-Away Birds, Why They Don't, And What They Doso cheekily from the treetops.

Every good fortean has heard tales of Alligators in the Sewer. Well, now we have Sharks in the Subway. A foot-and-a-half shark weighing 5-10 pounds was discovered on the Queens-bound N train at the 14th Street stop in Manhattan. Is this another publicity stunt for the Discovery Channel's "Shark Week"? Elsewhere, Loren Coleman notes that a New Species of Giant Flying Squirrel Discovered in Laos. The specimen was collected from a local food market! Yum, flying squirrels. In Some Stories from Readers, Glasgow Boy recounts a classic "hump" sighting in Loch Ness, and another, possibly unique, report of the Loch Ness Monster's eye. Glascow Boy also does a detailed analysis of a Nessie photo taken more than 30 years ago inMore on the Jennifer Bruce Photograph. Finally we turn to Bigfoot's back, where Scott McMan of Ghost Theory has doubts that the Mellissa Hovey Bigfoot photo is really a shot from Karl Kozak’s,”Clawed.” A court has ruled thatHovey Must Relinquish Rights To Bigfoot Photo: Is Ruling Fair? McMan argues that's it's not.

What the Bigfoot World Has Become

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