Wednesday, July 24, 2013

Review: Joe Rogan Questions Everything 7-24-13

This premiere episode of the new series from former Fear Factor Host and current UFC commentator and stand-up comic Joe Rogan examined everyone's favorite cryptid, Sasquatch or Bigfoot. Joe interviews several Bigfoot luminaries, including Dr. Matthew Johnson who recalls his 2000 sighting as well as more recent encounters on his property which his fiancee witnessed. He also interviews Dr. Jeff Meldrum on his podcast, discussing the famous Patterson/Gimlin Film (which Rogan is very skeptical of) as well as having a few laughs. Thom Powell is seen next in his classroom at Robert Gray Middle School in Multnomah (not Clackamas, thanks to a commenter on this story who attended Thom's class, thank you!!!) County, Oregon showing Joe his alleged Sasquatch stool and hair samples as well as footprint casts, including the London Trackway casts. Rogan gets samples of hair and feces of alleged Sasquatches from Thom to send to DNA geneticist Todd Disotell. Joe then goes to R. Scott Nelson to examine the famous Sierra Sounds, which some of it Rogan is skeptical of, but some of it did freak him out a bit. He then goes to Washington State with his buddy Duncan to meet with members of the Washington Sasquatch Research Team. They go out in the woods with thermals and night-vision equipment, but nothing is seen or heard except an interesting teepee formation made of large branches and broken branches. This leaves Rogan to head to NYU to meet Disotell, who finds in the feces and hair samples...well, I will not spoil it. All in all, this was actually a pretty good and fair assessment of the subject, and Rogan was not too overly skeptical. A 7 1/2 out of 10.

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That's in Multnomah County. I went there and had Mr. Powell's class.