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THE HISTORY OF BIGFOOT: In Under 3 minutes

At Squatch Unlimited our objective is to experience this mystery and foster a message of conservatio...

The Man Who Cried Bigfoot

Posted by: Craig Woolheater on July 6th, 2013
An Investigation of the Rick Dyer Claim by J.R. Bob Dobbs Jr.
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Linda Godfrey: Upcoming Appearances

Posted by: Nick Redfern on July 5th, 2013
Media of the monstrous kind…
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Melba Ketchum is once again in the spotlight and this time she's answering various questions concerning her methods. Henry at Ghost Theory wants to know why Ketchum's findings aren't being treated with respect since she was professional in her approach and used the scientific method to obtain her results. The thing is, she really was nothing close to professional about it. Everything about the way Ketchum has presented her DNA study has been fraught with issues, from publishing the study in a "new" unknown scientific journal behind a paywall to refusing to answer skeptical queries such as the one we mentioned yesterday in which a DNA sample from her collection was tested by an independant lab and indicated only possum DNA present. And then there's her comedy sidekick...err, her publicist--we can't even begin to describe the problems arising from that arena. The entire process from her inital annoucement to the release of her study has been one long, slow motion trainwreck. We actually think she might have been on the right track at one point too, but she drove her train off the credibility tracks long ago.
The Latest "Nessie" Pictures Loch Ness Mystery
A new possible photo of Nessie has surfaced but as usual, it's a bit blurry and indistinct and Nessie appears to be doing her very best rock impression. Glasgow Boy has analyzed the photo from several different points and suggests it can't be a rock since it's too far out from shore where rocks usually appear. It's too bad that after all these years the creature lurking in the Loch hasn't been captured by a high quality camera. Nessie seems to have an incredible ability for avoiding leaving behind good evidence, much like her fellow cryptid Bigfoot. Meanwhile, a sketch is all that's left of a 1902 encounter with Wilson's Whale, an anomalous creature that was spotted by Dr. Edward Wilson, part of the Discovery expedition to the Antarctic. The whale was the same size and shape as an Orca but missing its distinctive black and white features and was also thousands of miles out of Orca territory. What was this mystery whale?

How the attempt to sequence “Bigfoot's genome” went badly off track
Ars Technica
When we first looked at the report of the bigfoot genome, it was an odd mixture of things: standard methods and reasonable looking data thrown in with unusual approaches and data that should have raised warning flags for any biologist. We just couldn't ...
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Deerassic Park Eduction Center to host 'Bigfoot Lock-In'
The Daily Jeffersonian
Deerassic Park Eduction Center to host 'Bigfoot Lock-In'. Published: July 7, 2013 8:00AM. A "Bigfoot Lock-In" will be be held at Deerassic Park Education Center July 11-12 (7 p.m. to 9:30 a.m.). Activities will include: Bats and Moths, Nocking ...
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