Sunday, July 28, 2013

Is this mystery figure Bigfoot?The Sun
It has left believers hoping it could provide some of the best evidence yet of the legendary ape-like creature known as Bigfoot or Sasquatch which is fabled to ...
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Results are in! Joe Rogan Questions Everything is an Initial Success

Relict dinosaurs may be a fantasy cooked up by Michael Crichton, but sightings of such in the Australian outback could be a case of mistaken identity. From the fevered mind of Jay Cooney, there's an outside chance that another, more recently extinct beast still roams the land down under. Half a world away, some kids showcased a similar situation where some Off-Roaders Discovered A Trail Of Three-Toed “Monster Prints” In Concord, New Hampshire. Don't just take Greg Newkirk's word for it, since these kids uploaded their findings to YouTube. It's speculation and evidence like this keeping Karl Shuker on the track. He's delighted to be Introducing The Nandinia - Africa's Parachuting (And Very Paradoxical) Ex-Palm Civet, describing this critter with the same fervor Neil Tyson reserves for black holes.
"We doan need no steenkan' catnip," is what one can imagine the jaguar's saying while chowing down on yage. A familiar sight to New World indigenes, this majestic predator's actions suggest how tribespeople first got the idea to brew ayahuasca. Our fun doesn't stop there, as Greg Taylor ruminates over the connections between spotted moggies and ayahuasca visions.
Last week we lost one of the leading lights of hominology. Best known for his discovery of H. floresiensis in 2003, Mike Morwood gave an air of legitimacy to cryptozoology, changing the way science considered the genus Homo. Colleague Loren Coleman eloquently frames Morwood's accomplishments in this obituary. A little more sensational is an interview about The Minnesota Ice Man With Terry Cullen And Richard Grigonis on Hell No The Radio Show. Should you have little Colemans and Shukers running around the house, have them sit and listen to learn about cryptozoology's biggest story and its place in American folklore.
When one thinks Bigfoot, the name Loren Coleman stands out as the premier voice on the subject. He knows how to use mainstream media to generate sernious interest, keeping the legend alive and hopefully driving someone to provide irrefutable evidence of our larger, hairier, gruntier cousin. Same can't be said for the Lake Champlain monster, despite the recent release of the ever-so nifty The Untold Story Of Champ. Loren's not surprised at what's going on below the surface, and he's got a lot to share. Perhaps Dana Matthews would be willing to assume the mantle of champion of Champ. She's off to a good start, shouting "He’s Still Here!" The Elusive Lake Champlain Monster Surfaces To Serenade Onlookers With Strange Sounds! For now we'll settle with this eyewitness testimony, while keeping anomalists abreast of further developments in the lake.

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