Saturday, June 01, 2013

Rewriting The History Of The Pangboche Yeti Hand

One fact is unchanged with the story of Slick and co. acquiring this unusual reliquary; the replacement was human. Over the years people believed some slight of hand was involved, yet Loren Coleman learned the explanation is more prosaic and Buddhist monks are still prone to certain human foibles. Bonus: Awesome excerpt from Unsolved Mysteries! Elsewhere, Zoe Mintz ponders the kerfuffle over the "Bigfoot" 911 call from last week. Does Bigfoot Exist? What DNA, History And Photos Tell Us About The Sasquatch, touching upon the Ketchum debacle, evidence of hominids, along with the folklore supporting its probable existence. If it's legends and lore you want, Chris Woodyard has it in spades giving an account of The Stamford Wild Man. The Berkshire Scare of 1861 turns out to be an engaging game of Chinese Whispers taking on a life of its own, possibly manifesting as a crowdfunded tulpa in the vein of the Jersey Devil. Before you roll your eyes at the prospect of yet another hominid story, not every biped is hairy. Meet Lon Strickler's good buddy, Runan Shah. These Caspian humanoids may read like escapees from D&D's Monster Manual, this mer-monster has a lineage that'd put the Plantagenet dynasty to shame.

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