Sunday, June 23, 2013

Reminder: HopsSquatch Tomorrow in Portland!

Posted by: Guy Edwards on June 22nd, 2013
The next event is June 23rd 12:30-4pm
Dr. Jeff Meldrum, William Barnes, Derek Randles (Falcon Project) and Craig Woolheater (
ALSO ATTENDING!!! Joining the moderated discussion panel! John Bindernagel, a wildlife biologist who has sought evidence for Bigfoot since 1963l and Bill Munns, creature f/x and 3D software expert.

Indiana “Bobcat” Killed, Identified As Leopard

As people expected to find someting run-of-the-mill causing a ruckus in southern Indiana, there's been an astonishing turn of events revealing te culprit to be an exotic beastie. 'Tis a shame that poor old moggie bought the farm, yet tales like this one reinforce the reality of alien big cats. Elsewhere, things are heating up along the shores a Scottish loch asNessie Tourism War Ramps Up. Approaching absurdity, both sides leave Glasgow Boy scratching his head as to what tomorrow may bring between factions. A continent away, Texans are on the lookout with a Chupacabra Sighting In San Antonio City Limits On Bitters with video courtesy of Mayra Moreno. Ending our Monster Parade, Peter Rogerson reviews Matt Kaplan'sThe Science of Monsters as the perfect introduction to fortean fauna.

MonsterQuest S02E12 Bigfoot in New York

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  1. Bigfoot: The Definitive Guide - Paranormal Documentary

    Bigfoot: The Definitive Guide - Paranormal Documentary There have been tens of thou
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  2. The Mystery of Bigfoot - Paranormal Documentary

    The Mystery of Bigfoot - Paranormal Documentary Find out why so many millions of Ame
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    Paranatural 4 of 10 Bigfoot Encounters

    Paranatural presents stunning revelations and provocative theories that further fuel debate aro
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    In Search Of Bigfoot - Paranormal Documentary

    In Search Of Bigfoot - Paranormal Documentary An evaluation of giant footprints and o
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    MonsterQuest S02E20 Sasquatch Attack II

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    MonsterQuest S04E08 Sierra Sasquatch

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    Exploring the Mysteries of our Planet and Beyond.

    A lecture about the Mysteries of our planet such as, the Planetary Grid, Loch Ness Monster, Thunderbird, 
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