Sunday, June 16, 2013


Bigfoot Dads: Thinking The Unthinkable

Here's a tale of debunkers and scoftics taking things a bit too far. Relegate Nessie to history's Wall of Woo, there's no sense in visiting Scotland. Yet should Nessie exist, and most remain steadfast in this belief, there's a chance for excitement while sighting her off the starboard bow. Loren Coleman, a name you can trust, gives perspective on this tempest with a who's-who of the characters on both sides. To help grandma and Joe Sixpack understand the complexities behind Nessiteras rhombopteryxas Patrick Frye presents the The Facts And Evidence About Nessie.
In case you missed it, Barbara Hijek dusts off the infamous skunk ape video in hopes someone can give a new take on the footage. Much to our surprise, it remains a hot topic down in the Sunshine State. There's a little more to sink your teeth into as Justin Dennis remarks upon somePennsylvania Investigators On Hunt For Bigfoot. They're investigating some tracks in Somerset county from mid-May, taking their time eliminating any room for doubt. Next up, denizens of the Garden State can breathe a sigh of relief their state cryptid hasn't flown the coop for Oklahoma. Instead, Jessica Beym reveals the picture bouncing 'round the intertubes is Not The Jersey Devil, Nor Chupacabra, But A Hairless Squirrel In Oklahoma. Finally we have a dramatic turn of events where Nick Redfern is writing about a book that isn't is own! His pal Ken Gerhard's book touches upon Flying Humanoids, revealing more about Mothman, Owlman, Batman (not that one), and more in Encounters with Flying Humanoids that's ready for pre-order right now!

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